Potential Trump Homeland Security head says anti-Trump protests must be ‘quelled’

Via-Hunter at the Daily Kos

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes that the protesters at the anti Trump rallies since the election are “anarchists” and must be “quelled”. Yes, even the peaceful protesters.

This is who is being floated as the potential head of Homeland Security, and he believes “These temper tantrums from these radical anarchists must be quelled. There is no legitimate reason to protest the will of the people.” (forgetting the fact that Hillary appears to have won the popular vote).

Someone should tell this man that the only reason that he, a black man, is allowed to hold the office of Sheriff is because of the peaceful, and sometimes non-peaceful, protests that thousands of people who fought for Equal Rights attended and bled for.

We have the right as a people to protest anything we want to. That’s what the Constitution guarantees us. It was protest that started this country, never forget that.

One of my favorite quotes from the movie V for Vendetta,”People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” rings quite poignant in this case. Let’s all hope that Sheriff Clarke doesn’t become head of Homeland Security.


Daily Kos-Trump goes after immigrants, government workers, the environment, and gay couples — that’s day one

Another great and terrifying article by Mark Sumner about what we can expect from Trump in his first days as the president.

Let’s be honest here people, there’s nothing to stop him. If you expect that the remaining Dems in office will be able to do anything to stop the Republicans from running the table, you’re going to be disappointed.

On November 8th the US lost it’s two party system (and it’s damn mind) when they elected Trump and gave him majorities in both houses. There will be no checks and balances, the remaining Democratic senators and congressmen are nothing more than window dressing to make the people feel like our democracy is still legit.

This blog is my attempt to make sense of the mad new world I woke up to on Nov 9th, 2016.I expect that a lot of this blog will be political in nature, but I’m a person of many interests and tastes, so expect that content will be unpredictable and sometimes personal.

I welcome comments, but keep things civil. If you’re just going to spout vile nonsense then you will be banned. So if you want to comment feel free, just provide a reasoned argument and site your sources. BTW, I don’t care what religion you practice but understand that your religious beliefs don’t stand up as “facts” in an argument with me. Come with strong arguments and facts and you may sway my opinion, if you bring weak sauce expect to be called out.

I’ve never in my life been ashamed of being an American, however today with the election of Donald J. Trump as president I’m not only ashamed to be an American I’m also afraid.

Those who elected this misogynistic, racist, homophobic, piece of human refuse did not care who they had to throw under the bus to elect him. In their rush to “Make America Great Again”they forgot everything that makes America great. They glibly condemned their neighbors and family members to persecution by the worst dregs of American society, the KKK, homophobes, and religious zealots.

Those who voted third party or chose not to vote at all, because they didn’t like Hillary are equally as guilty of promoting this outcome. You share in the blame too. Don’t think that those of us who suffer will forget your betrayal…you are just as accountable as those who voted for Trump.

I’d like to hope that things will be ok, that my husband and I will be able to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary (assuming that our marriage isn’t annulled by the state of TX as soon as Trump is in office), without being attacked by those who’ve become emboldened by their victory and decide to “Make America Great Again” by gay bashing us. I’d like to believe we’re going to be ok, and that we will come out of this dark time intact, but I see so much hate from the Trump voters that I’m genuinely in fear of being attacked just because I’m gay. I’m fearful for my friends of color, for immigrants, and for the less fortunate who will be trampled under the policies of the Trump regime.

To those of you who want to tell me “it’s ok, don’t worry”, I wholeheartedly want to tell you to fuck off. I’m angry, I’m hurt, and I’m scared…that makes me someone not to be messed with. I’ve lost all faith in humanity, in civility, and in this country.