Finally! Straight white Christian men get their break.

With the election of Donald Trump straight white Christian men can finally come out of hiding and fear for their lives and live full in the sunshine of a new great America.

We hear you straight white Christian men, you’ve endured so much over the years: The loss of your Black slaves to Emancipation, then being forced to treat Black people as equals (Really how did you live through that? ), to add insult to injury they made you allow Black people to go to the same schools as your children….the horror! But it got worse…some white people started marrying people of color.

The War on Christmas has been tragic. Oh the humanity! Tinsel strewn about the battlefield, gingerbread houses in ruins, toys lay broken never having had their chance to be played with. It’s been terrible for you…how many years now since Christmas was cancelled?

They gays can now openly serve in the military, how terrible it must be to know that they love your country and want to give their lives defending it. Now the gays are getting married…threatening the very fabric of reality. Loving each other and making you look bad by comparison. How dare they?

I could go on and on about how terrible it’s been for you having to put up with minorities, women, and other faiths…but it’s just too painful.

Well don’t worry straight white Christian America, you’ve stood up to all those Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT homos, and anyone else who’s made you feel marginalized just by living a different path than you. You’ve shown great courage in electing Donald Trump to Make America Great Again. Welcome back to your spot at the top…it’s like you were never gone.

Editors Note: I don’t believe all straight white Christian men are bad people, but if you voted for Trump knowing the associations he’s kept over this election, knowing the misogynistic things he’s said and done, knowing the racist and xenophobic things he’s said, knowing that you voted for someone who had the full endorsement of the KKK and other white supremacy groups, then you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and really consider the people who are going to be hurt by the policies that Donald Trump has promised to enact. 

So first confrontation with a coworker who voted Trump

I got cornered at work today by one of the vocal Trump supporters in my department. He wanted to if I deleted him from facebook and told him “yes, I deleted you and a lot of other people who have posted divisive, mean spirited, racist, and misogynistic things over the last couple months. I can’t handle the negativity right now”.

He went on to tell me, “You know, my political affiliations don’t change the way I feel about you and Randy?”. I replied, “My dog died Monday and before I had time to really mourn her passing, my country died too. Randy and I work up Wednesday morning not knowing our place in America and wether or not we’ll make it to our second wedding anniversary before they repeal Marriage Equality. So I’m hurting right now, I’ve been thrown under the bus with a lot of other people who are scared and hurting. We have no idea what the new year will bring and how bad it’s going to be. You’re going to have to understand that your choice of candidate has directly impacted our lives. Since we got married, it’s not impacted anyone’s life but our own, and your political party wants to invalidate my marriage and the ability of others like me to get married. We’re hurt and scared. We need time to heal. I respect your right to pic whatever political candidate you want, but understand that your vote has impacted our lives”.

I’m proud of myself for not becoming angry and yelling, or getting emotional. If you voted Trump and you have friends, or family who are LGBT, or Muslim, or Latino, please understand we feel betrayed and scared. It’s going to take time for us to heal, to figure out how our lives are going to be impacted, and who we can trust. Things are not going to get better for us anytime soon, and you can’t expect us to be happy about it.

So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.

I’ve never in my life been ashamed of being an American, however today with the election of Donald J. Trump as president I’m not only ashamed to be an American I’m also afraid.

Those who elected this misogynistic, racist, homophobic, piece of human refuse did not care who they had to throw under the bus to elect him. In their rush to “Make America Great Again”they forgot everything that makes America great. They glibly condemned their neighbors and family members to persecution by the worst dregs of American society, the KKK, homophobes, and religious zealots.

Those who voted third party or chose not to vote at all, because they didn’t like Hillary are equally as guilty of promoting this outcome. You share in the blame too. Don’t think that those of us who suffer will forget your betrayal…you are just as accountable as those who voted for Trump.

I’d like to hope that things will be ok, that my husband and I will be able to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary (assuming that our marriage isn’t annulled by the state of TX as soon as Trump is in office), without being attacked by those who’ve become emboldened by their victory and decide to “Make America Great Again” by gay bashing us. I’d like to believe we’re going to be ok, and that we will come out of this dark time intact, but I see so much hate from the Trump voters that I’m genuinely in fear of being attacked just because I’m gay. I’m fearful for my friends of color, for immigrants, and for the less fortunate who will be trampled under the policies of the Trump regime.

To those of you who want to tell me “it’s ok, don’t worry”, I wholeheartedly want to tell you to fuck off. I’m angry, I’m hurt, and I’m scared…that makes me someone not to be messed with. I’ve lost all faith in humanity, in civility, and in this country.