And…this is why we want to leave TX

Dan Patrick says Texas is Eager for a Trump AdministrationVia-Dallas News by Jordan Rudner Washington Correspondent

Just as I predicted, the Texas Republicans are going to use the Trump administration as a springboard to do whatever they want. With no one in the Federal Government to oppose them they will ride roughshod over the entire state.

All you Trump supporters who keep saying “Oh it won’t be that bad. Quit your whining!”. You can all fuck off. You don’t get to tell us not to be worried.

And for the record…Texas is not “eager” for a Trump administration, the Texas Legislature is eager for it…the people not so much.

I’ll just leave this here…

For your Monday perusal I have the following fine selection of articles for you.

7 Ways Trump’s Election Pledges Could Damage LGBT Rights

Via-Towleroad by Michael Fitzgerald

Trump Names Reince Priebus, RNC Chair Who Oversaw Most Anti-LGBT Platform in History, as WH Chief of Staff

Via-Towleroad by Sean Mandell

Trump calls marriage equality ‘settled’ but somehow says abortion isn’t

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Trump names white nationalist to top White House position

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Neo-Nazi Site Calls for Harassing LGBT People Scared of Trump: ‘Troll Them Until they Kill Themselves’

Via-Towleroad by Sean Mandell

Yeah…nothing to worry about. Trump supporters love the LGBTQ community.

How many more racists and homophobes do you think are going to be emboldened by the election of Trump? Cause I have a feeling this is just the beginning. It’s become a daily occurrence to see that a Trump supporter has accosted someone for being gay, Muslim, Hispanic, or just not looking ‘Merican enough.

Look, I know…not all Republicans are racist, homophobic, Neo-Nazi scum bags. But your new president pandered to these people, made promises that they’re expecting him to keep, and many of them are more than happy to hurt and intimidate people to get what they feel they were promised.

If you voted for Trump, this is part of what you voted for…the campaign was based on hateful rhetoric. You own this mess because you were complicit in creating it. Stop telling us we shouldn’t worry or be scared, we’re the ones that are being targeted by your fellow Trump supporters.

A gay son’s letter to his mom about Trump

Dear Mother: A Gay Son Responds To Family And Trump

Via-Huffington Post by Joshua Thomas

This really hits home for me. My mother is a rabid Trump supporter, as far as she’s concerned nothing he’s said is at all bad. I can’t begin to think how I could have had the courage to say the things Joshua said to his mother.

At 44 (almost) I’ve still not told her that I’m an atheist and a Buddhist. My parent’s know I’m gay and they love my husband (everyone does, he’s impossible not to love), but trying to talk politics with them is an exercise in futility that ends up with me losing my voice from all the yelling. I just don’t do it.

Holidays over the next few years are going to be super awkward, of that I’m certain.

Three days on…

It’s been three days now since the election of Donald Trump, and no good news has come for those of us in the minority.

As a gay man, I’m deeply troubled and terrified at the prospect of what the Texas legislature will do to Marriage Equality now that they know the Federal Government won’t lift a finger to stop them. My husband and I are considering a move to a blue state and hoping that we can hunker down and make it through the Trump reign.

Racists and homophobes are coming out of the woodwork in droves, emboldened by Trump’s win. Reports are surfacing hourly of attacks, racist graffiti, and people being verbally accosted for the color of their skin, religious garb, or for looking too gay.

 Countless Acts Of Hate Have Been Carried Out Since Trump’s Win
Via-Huffington Post by Lilly Workneh

I don’t feel safe in public or at work and I fear that it’s only going to get worse. I hope that I’m wrong and these next few years will only be uncomfortable, I hope that people will stand up to these Trump bullies wherever they witness them, and I hope that Trump will not harm our country and our world.

I know all this sounds like doom and gloom talk, but I’m a pessimist. I expect the worst, and hope for the best.

Have a good weekend friends, we still have 70 days with President Obama. Enjoy him while we can.