Mad gay man, husband, proud pug daddy, Buddhist/Atheist, SCUBA diver, video game enthusiast, videographer/editor, Harley rider, lover of all things sci-fi, Doctor Who uber nerd.

This blog is my attempt to make sense of the mad new world I woke up to on Nov 9th, 2016.I expect that a lot of this blog will be political in nature, but I’m a person of many interests and tastes, so expect that content will be unpredictable and sometimes personal.

I welcome comments, but keep things civil. If you’re just going to spout vile nonsense then you will be banned. So if you want to comment feel free, just provide a reasoned argument and site your sources. BTW, I don’t care what religion you practice but understand that your religious beliefs don’t stand up as “facts” in an argument with me. Come with strong arguments and facts and you may sway my opinion, if you bring weak sauce expect to be called out.


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