You talk too much and too loud…

So today I got told by my boss that the other supervisors in the area think I talk too loud and too much. My boss then proceeded to tell me that I need to be quiet and keep my head in my work while at the same time saying that he didn’t want to make the workplace sterile and that a little talking now and then was ok. Then he says that I’m too helpful with my coworkers and need to spend less time helping them out.

I get it. I have a loud voice and I like talking while I work. I spent a big portion of my childhood being as inconspicuous as possible and being told that my opinion didn’t matter. It took me years to get to the point where I felt comfortable in my own skin enough to join in conversations.

I hate being told to shut up. I hate that my boss didn’t stand up for me to the two other bosses who complained. I’m a good tech and I do good work, I like to keep my energy up by chatting while I work. I don’t talk nearly as much as some of my coworkers, but I get singled out because my voice carries.

I used to love my job, now I’m just counting the days until I don’t need it anymore.