Better living through chemistry a month on.

I’ve been on Prozac for my anxiety and panic attacks for a little over a month now. I can truthfully say it’s changed my life for the better. I feel more myself than I have in the last couple years. In combination with going to my therapist I’ve turned the corner on my anxiety and I’m pulling ahead.

My boss has noticed a big change in my attitude and has even given me more responsibilities. I don’t feel overwhelmed by the workload (even though it’s been increased). I was thinking about finding another job, but I’m actually…not happy (come on it’s still work)…not depressed by going to work every morning.

Socially I feel I’m much more relaxed and comfortable with myself. I find that I’m enjoying the company of others again.

I don’t think I’m “cured” of my anxiety, but I’m back in control of it. My therapist keeps giving me fantastic coping tools to deal with the situations that normally set my anxiety off. I’d say that I’m probably back to 95% of being completely in control of my anxiety and that makes me hopeful that I can tackle just about anything.