Day three of better living through chemistry

So day one and two were pretty uneventful, some very minor stomach upset which could very well be caused by the cold I’m also fighting and the Mucinex I’m taking. The doc said that it might take three to six weeks to really notice a change with Prozac, so I wasn’t expecting to really notice anything this early.

Today I actually felt pretty good. Things that normally get me really anxious were barely a ping on my radar. A lot of stuff went wrong for me at work today but I just took it in stride and moved on. I wasn’t happy things weren’t working out, I just didn’t feel all that worried about it. Maybe I’m starting to get a little benefit out of the meds, maybe not. One thing I know for sure is that today is the first day in quite a long time now that my anxiety wasn’t in control so I’m marking it a win.