Day 16071

Yep another year on this rock for yours truly, and what a craptastic year it’s been. Here’s a recap:

  • So many of my favorite celebs passed this year that to name them all would take a herculean effort that I’m not in the mood for.
  • Having to put my dog Gracie down.
  • Donald Fucking Trump being elected.
  • Working in a section of the company that is almost entirely comprised of Trump supporters and having to listen to them blather on about their Great Orange Messiah.
  • Having my Jeep broken into and losing all my stuff.
  • Stress eating because of all the previous things and gaining almost 20lbs.

All that aside, I have an amazing husband, an awesome little pug, a couple good friends (you know who you are), and I’m still employed.

So..Happy Birthday to me.