Muslim registration and internment camps. This is scary stuff.

The ‘precedent’ for Trump’s Muslim registry is Japanese internment camps

Via-Daily Kos by Mark Sumner

Trump’s camp is proposing a Muslim Registration Act and going so far as to say that the precedent for such an act is Japanese internment camps. WTF?

I’m sure that once they’ve identified all the scary Muslims, then they will want to start on the Mexican Registration Act, the LGBT Registration Act, the Non-Christian Conforming Religion Registration Act…you know force all the scary minorities to identify themselves so that we can keep Merica safe and pure.

If this is the future of America, then we’re doomed. America is a melting pot, a country where our greatest strength is our diversity. Don’t think diversity is a good thing? Look to nature my friends, this planet is rife with diversity…in fact it wouldn’t be livable without it.