Fake News

‘Fake News’ Writer Boasts: ‘Trump is in the White House Because of Me’

Via-Towleroad by Andy Towle

This is why I do my best to fact check things. Those friends who follow me on Facebook have come to dread my fact checking because it means that their “too good to be true” article is about to be called out as a hoax.

Here are couple of things that you can do to keep your timelines (or in my case most often my relatives) free of fake news:

  1. If you are just now hearing about something via Facebook, Twitter, or some other social network, but you haven’t heard anything from a credible news outlet (no Fox News isn’t a credible outlet).then it’s probably Fake News
  2. If you do a quick web search and the only mention of the story you just saw is from the same obscure site you got the story from…it’s probably Fake News.
  3. Check with snopes.com if you aren’t sure the story is real or Fake News.
  4. Most real news stories can be corroborated across multiple sites and news outlets quite easily. Breaking news doesn’t usually happen on obscure websites and blogs.
  5. Religious websites and blogs are NOT a reputable news source. Their headlines are almost always click bait looking to part you from your money or drive up church attendance. I’ve nothing against religion…I don’t personally use it but, I’m not going to tell you not to (I feel the same way about marijuana).
  6. If you think it might be true but can’t corroborate the story wait a day or two and see if a reputable news outlet runs the story.
  7. If your elderly right wing relative posts an article it’s almost certainly going to be Fake News. I’m not sure what it is about elderly right wingers but they fall for click bait at an alarming rate.

Be vigilant. Call out Fake News wherever  you see it. Educate your fellow netizens, maybe next time we can get a real President instead of a pussy grabber.