Neo-Nazi Site Calls for Harassing LGBT People Scared of Trump: ‘Troll Them Until they Kill Themselves’

Via-Towleroad by Sean Mandell

Yeah…nothing to worry about. Trump supporters love the LGBTQ community.

How many more racists and homophobes do you think are going to be emboldened by the election of Trump? Cause I have a feeling this is just the beginning. It’s become a daily occurrence to see that a Trump supporter has accosted someone for being gay, Muslim, Hispanic, or just not looking ‘Merican enough.

Look, I know…not all Republicans are racist, homophobic, Neo-Nazi scum bags. But your new president pandered to these people, made promises that they’re expecting him to keep, and many of them are more than happy to hurt and intimidate people to get what they feel they were promised.

If you voted for Trump, this is part of what you voted for…the campaign was based on hateful rhetoric. You own this mess because you were complicit in creating it. Stop telling us we shouldn’t worry or be scared, we’re the ones that are being targeted by your fellow Trump supporters.