So first confrontation with a coworker who voted Trump

I got cornered at work today by one of the vocal Trump supporters in my department. He wanted to if I deleted him from facebook and told him “yes, I deleted you and a lot of other people who have posted divisive, mean spirited, racist, and misogynistic things over the last couple months. I can’t handle the negativity right now”.

He went on to tell me, “You know, my political affiliations don’t change the way I feel about you and Randy?”. I replied, “My dog died Monday and before I had time to really mourn her passing, my country died too. Randy and I work up Wednesday morning not knowing our place in America and wether or not we’ll make it to our second wedding anniversary before they repeal Marriage Equality. So I’m hurting right now, I’ve been thrown under the bus with a lot of other people who are scared and hurting. We have no idea what the new year will bring and how bad it’s going to be. You’re going to have to understand that your choice of candidate has directly impacted our lives. Since we got married, it’s not impacted anyone’s life but our own, and your political party wants to invalidate my marriage and the ability of others like me to get married. We’re hurt and scared. We need time to heal. I respect your right to pic whatever political candidate you want, but understand that your vote has impacted our lives”.

I’m proud of myself for not becoming angry and yelling, or getting emotional. If you voted Trump and you have friends, or family who are LGBT, or Muslim, or Latino, please understand we feel betrayed and scared. It’s going to take time for us to heal, to figure out how our lives are going to be impacted, and who we can trust. Things are not going to get better for us anytime soon, and you can’t expect us to be happy about it.